Check out some of our features

Gas Module

Optimize your gas collection

  • Optimize daily operation and keep track of your assets
  • Gather all the data in one place, analyse and act
  • Analyse data and import/export easily
  • Use the tailor-made tools for landfills (gas, leachate, waste input, etc.)
  • Do everything from your internet browser

Map Module

Visual all your maps

You don´t need any knowledge in GIS or CAD to use all your map data.

  • Multilayer maps with date selection
  • Display your assets along with map imaging
  • Drone survey compatible

User management

Facilitate collaboration and manage access

Our platform lets you give different levels of access based on roles. It is possible to facilitate access for people within your organization at different levels but also with your external contractors. You will finally stop wasting time with file transfers and use eLandfill during your team meetings.

Well head in need for maintenance

Maintenance Module

Manage maintenance tasks

With our integrated Computerized maintenance management system (CMSS) you can manage maintenance tasks directly related to your assets. After review of data collected (e.g. gas collection) you can assign maintenance task to your team members and your assets.

Weather monitoring

Make your weather data accessible

You probably have a weather station or can access to a public one. Let’s connect to it, and get access to your weather data on the platform to better understand the effect of the weather on your operation.

We can link the data stream from a private or public weather station nearby your landfill.

weather module